Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Seriously, I meant to keep up but....

Life is amazing at how much stuff gets in the way of what we intend to do with our days.  I had really meant to keep up with this blog.  I really did.  But, I ended up documenting the progress we were making on another project at this blog:

So, back to business.  I'm currently culling and cleaning out my craft room, which became a repository for all things "crafty" or anything that needed to go into the garage but couldn't get sawdust all over it.  My sewing / craft room is a room that the previous homeowners made in the corner of the garage for a "hang-out room" for their teenaged kids.  It's 9' by 14', and has a corner cut off one of the short ends to allow a car to be parked in the garage if needed.  There's a window, and hubby and I put countertops around the walls for crafting space.  We reused the cabinets from our kitchen when we remodeled, hanging them over the countertops.  It's a great space, even though it's quite small. 

Hubby uses the rest of the garage as a workshop for everything from woodworking to car repair, though we haven't parked a vehicle in it since we've owned the house.  When we started the renovation on our vintage Shasta camper, we put EVERYTHING that needed protection from dust into my craft space.  Ugh.  Over the months, I grabbed out what I needed, and other things got put into their place.  What a MESS.  I even moved my sewing machine, ironing board and iron into the dining area of our home so that I could sew curtains and cushions for the camper.   

Now that we're done the major renovation on the camper, it's time to put things back and get my craft room in order.  And - get the dining room back in order as well!!  Things didn't get into the bad shape that they're in overnight, so I expect it to take awhile to get cleaned up and put right.  (kinda like the economy, but don't get me started.)

I'm a packrat by nature, and I've fought a battle with the clutterbug my entire life.  I have quite a collection of various craft supplies, for various crafts, and I'm still on the lookout for more.  Organizing them is my task for the next few days.  I'll take any supplies that I can part with to a reuse center that caters to teachers and artisans.  My worry is that I might bring home more than I donate.  Ha.

I'll post before and after pictures when it's done.  I had already begun cleaning when I took some photos for the "before" picture.  I'd removed a big box of countertop laminate, an 82" long piece of foam and my spinning wheels.  Just so I could get INTO the room.  hahahah 

If you don't hear from me soon, send coffee and chocolate.  hahaha.